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My name is Brittany Otto. I was born on a farm in Lee, NH in 1989. Though I always enjoyed working in creative media, I dedicated myself to studying biology and environmental sciences in college. During my junior year of college, I realized I felt creatively unfulfilled and missed working with my hands. In 2012 I moved to Seattle, WA with my now husband. I explored a plethora of artistic media through practical experience, trial and error, and self study. Since 2016, I have been working with hand cut paper sculpture and light to create portals into fantastical worlds, pulling inspiration from my love of the natural world and fantasy. 

Art is my language. Words often fail me, but the images I create allow me to speak clearly and honestly about what I feel. The challenge of transforming the hard, cold medium of paper into soft edges and warm lines provides me with an endless series of puzzles. I cut every line by hand, a process as complex as it is organic—a process that makes the art feel timeless and meditative. The lighting is the capstone. I find it fascinating and liberating to rely on light to imbue my art with life and color. My work shines brightest when surrounded by darkness.